Zespół tańca irlandzkiego i szkockiego z Krakowa


Irish and Scottish dance classes 2019/20

We are launching the next season of regular Irish and Scottish dance classes!
We offer classes for beginners and more advanced dancers.
If you simply want to get a healthy dose of excercise among interesting people, or improve on your Irish or Scottish dance skills you already have, feel like a real Dublin-born Irish person (or hard-as-steel Scottish Highlander), or maybe you want to refresh your Scottish dancing before the next annual Scottish ball - you are certain to find something for yourself here!
Social dances
Wedneday, 18:30 - 20:00
Start: 2 October
Price: 80 zł for 4 classes or 25 zł for a single class
Location: "Podwawelski" Sport Club, Komandosów 21